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The Hazardous Materials Response Team for Lancaster County PA


Hazardous Materials Unit 2-1

Additional Information

Hazardous Materials Unit 2-1, or simply Hazmat 2-1, is the primary act 165 response vehicle for our team. 2-1 meets and exceeds the standard for a Hazardous Materials Team response vehicle set by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). 

The vehicle itself is a 1995 Simon Duplex "Heavy Rescue" style vehicle. The vehicle has seating for eight responders. Since its inception, the vehicle has evolved in various ways in its never ending improvement process. It is staffed with all the equipment required to mitigate a hazardous materials incident without the need for additional equipment from other apparatus, a feat we are proud of.

As mentioned before, this vehicle is referenced as a Act 165 vehicle or PEMA Directive 2014-02 certified vehicle. Every four years 2-1 is inspected by a team of experts, directed by PEMA, to ensure we meet the standard they have set. This includes an equipment inspection, maintenance logs, medical physicals, training records and so on. The final part of recertification of this vehicle is to perform an evaluated HSEEP compliant exercise that is evaluated by an exercise team. This exercise has set objectives that we must achieve in order to meet the recertification requirements. 

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If you are curious or want to learn more about PEMA certifications and the requirements of a Hazardous Materials Teamc feel free to follow the link below to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) directive website.

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